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Foot Fetish Daily

Foot Fetish Daily Porn Site Review
8.6 Expert Score
Foot Fetish Daily Review

Foot Fetish Daily is literally what the name implies. The site is a dream come true for everybody who has a foot fetish! If the looks of feet turn you on, the shape of beautiful toes makes you take a deep breath, and the sight of a beautiful woman rubbing her feet together while they are lathered in oil makes your cock burst out of its shorts, welcome home, because this site offers you the most beautiful foot-videos you have seen. Foot Fetish Daily offers some of the best and most dynamic foot-related videos that you will be impressed with. You can watch a video of a gorgeous beauty…

Ballet Flats Fetish

Ballet Flats Fetish Porn Site Review
7.2 Expert Score
Ballet Flats Fetish Review

The individual behind Ballet Flats Fetish is a self-described expert in ballet shoes who understands what their fanbase truly wants to watch in a video. It’s little wonder why you’ll see a lot of exposed legs, as well as socks and stockings and fetishistic softcore fun. The Ballet Flats Fetish videos are recorded seductively, with the hottie reading, drawing, chatting on the handset, etc. You can see the porn star lazily fumbling with the ballerina flats on her feet and taking them in and out, swinging them from her feet, etc. What I considered amusing, …

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