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Lets Doe It

Lets Doe It Porn Site Review
9.2 Expert Score
Lets Doe It Review

If you weren’t told, you won’t ever believe that the Lets Doe It network was previously known as Porndoe Premium. You wouldn’t also believe the network is an award-winning one either. The porn site aims to recollect various porn sites and channels from all across Europe into an English platform. This mega-network was launched in 2015 and has 21+ channels under its name. These affiliated sites shoot porn scenes that consist of different niches, such as anal, hardcore, and even lesbian actions. But that’s not all. You will also be presented with creampie…

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Yes Girlz

Yes Girlz Porn Site Review
8 Expert Score
Yes Girlz Review

Yes Girlz is a premium porn site that has left me dumbfounded as to why the site titled itself as such. But the most sensible explanation for that could be due to the beauty and sexiness of the ladies. The pay site aims to show its viewers that a lady can be as hot as ever with lingerie. The scenes are usually hardcore, although you’ll also find some solo masturbation videos. These girls have studied the element of seduction. These gorgeous girls will leave you breathless when you see them in fishnets, pantyhose, and other sexy wear. They also like to put on ornaments such as earrings…

Tough Love X

Tough Love X Porn Site Review
7.8 Expert Score
Tough Love X Review

Tough Love X is a porn pay site that presents you with explicit and exclusive content from Karl and his girls. The site wasn’t joking when it described its love as tough. The scenes here, such as deep throat, anal sex, and blowjobs, are very rough and intense. No wonder you’ll find the girls screaming and squirting at the end. Karla, whose real name is Charles Dera, wants to help “women” achieve the highest level of adult performance. As the famous porn star that he is and with his hard-faced moustache, Karl believes that a slut trained in the proper way …


DFXtra Porn Site Review
9.3 Expert Score
DFXtra Review

The DFXtra network is widely considered by porn lovers to be the leading network for interracial hardcore content of black and white porn. The DFXtra site was originally known as Dogfart Network, but when I reviewed it, I actually got confused. Maybe the producers saw that it doesn’t make sense to name a porn site or network Dogfart (more like a dog farting). But let me not bore you with my long sermons. The network was established in 1996, and it currently runs more than 20 sites, with ‘Blacks On Blondes’ being their most popular one. Some of the other sites and channels…

Group Banged

Group Banged Porn Site Review
8.1 Expert Score
Group Banged Review

Group Banged is an adult entertainment site featuring exclusive content from German group sex lovers. The videos on this site feature horny German men and cute women and, as the website’s title suggests, depict various gang bangs. Indirectly, this means that you’ll find scenes of strong-abled men and sexy women in orgies. You can watch these voracious girls lust after multiple dicks at once. When these girls insert those hefty multiple dicks into their honeypot, it often leads to them squirting in a way that they can’t control, and you can see large amounts…

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Deeper Porn Site Review
8.6 Expert Score
Deeper Review

The entire length of Deeper, from the opening scene to the final scene, is an explosive sexual sensation. The porn website has a track record for blending glamcore with many of the hottest hardcore antics around. There are many different activities to find on this porn site, and most of the videos I saw on this site are humorously fantastic. Since they don’t only specialize in glamcore, they feature many of the groupings that could exist, including BDSM, Anal, and other well-liked aspects. This means that you can find just about anything here. To be precise, however, their …

Hardcore Gangbang

Hardcore Gangbang Porn Site Review
7.5 Expert Score
Hardcore Gangbang Review

Hardcore Gangbang is not a mere porn site that features the soft group sex you are used to. This is where kinky women satisfy their gangbang fantasies and break their sexual limitations. If you are not ready to see these sluts tied in bondage, spanked in the ass, gagged, smothered, stripped down, and taking dicks at the same time in all three holes, don’t come here! This is where dark minds like the directors of these scenes can dwell. On this porn site, guys of different skin colors form a fearsome band and fuck a single woman until she is left without strength and covered…

Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi Porn Site Review
8.8 Expert Score
Rocco Siffredi Review

Among popular male pornstars, there is no one who may deserve the title “the true king of hardcore” more than Rocco Siffredi. He has made rough sex, among other sexual acts, his mantra. What you are about to explore is a collection of 30 years of award-winning video of this actor with a monstrous dick. Before deciding to work behind the cameras, the Italian Stallion had a long history in the adult industry. This library collects all the videos of this famous model, starting from his early career until this day. Moreover, you may not see him in some of the recent videos…

$14.95 $19.95 VISIT PORN SITE

The Upper Floor

The Upper Floor Porn Site Review
8.3 Expert Score
The Upper Floor Review

Living out a BDSM lifestyle is far-fetched, but The Upper Floor is the closest place to visit if you are bored of the regular XXX reality shows. I must admit the fact that not too many are convenient for watching masochistic sexual acts, but these collections on this site are one of a kind. If you know the erotic novel in the BDSM genre, The Story of O, then you are watching a replica of the story here. This is where you will find submissive slaves that are trained, submitted, whipped, spanked, punished, and intensely fucked in front of a live audience. It is an unusual 24/7 reality…

Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace Porn Site Review
7.8 Expert Score
Public Disgrace Review

Everyone hates Public Disgrace, but what if it takes the form of exposed breasts, public sex, or submissive women being humiliated in front of others? This is what you will find exactly on this premium porn site. These exhibitionist women are taken to the streets of Europe and stripped naked for everyone to see. There masters paraded them naked in front of passers-by and bystanders, where they were randomly fucked by strangers. They are tied to monuments and trees and made into objects of ridicule. While some look on with disgust, voyeurs are well entertained, and they are…

Evil Angel

Mr. Porn Pick Evil Angel Porn Site Review
9.4 Expert Score
Evil Angel Review

You might not know the difference between a best site and a best studio- Evil Angel fits the description of both for your extreme hardcore porn! You might be wondering how this site’s name came to be and how it has risen to become one of the top hardcore porn sites on the internet. None of this happened out of the blue, and it all started with John Stagliano, a male stripper going by the stage name John Evil, who turned director lord and has used his talents to showcase the extreme side of porn. He dated a girl named Angel. So, his second name from his stage name combined with his girlfriend’s…

$19.95 $29.95 VISIT PORN SITE


Mr. Porn Pick Kink Porn Site Review
9.3 Expert Score
Kink Review

Your BDSM lifestyle only gets better when you tie the knot with Kink Porn Network, which boasts of 27+ original sites among other numerous bonus channels. For your fetish-themed videos and bondage porn, there is no other authentic bondage and real BDSM porn site like the Kink that lets you explore your darkest fantasies. I have been wondering what adult entertainment would be like without some studios exploring the dark side of it. For more than two decades, this site has been ascending the great hill of bondage content, and now they keep on striving hard to reach the peak. Kink features…

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