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The Pain Files

The Pain Files Porn Site Review
6.8 Expert Score
The Pain Files Review

The Pain Files is a porn site that brings you brutal, nasty, and violent BDSM scenes. The porn site is all about sub bondage and dominance, where you’ll see them getting their nipples pierced and having their butt caned. The gag cocks are gagging and will do everything to please their dom or dommes (since it could be a female). The scenes are really intense, and there’s nothing like a cake, romance, or vanilla porn here. The ‘happy’ subs are happy to submit their bodies to the domination of the doms. I came across an interesting video by the name of ‘The…

$19.99 $29.99 VISIT PORN SITE

Electro Sluts

Electro Sluts Porn Site Review
7.2 Expert Score
Electro Sluts Review

Electro Sluts is part of the family of sites that offer BDSM electro scenes, where enslaved female slaves receive electrical stimulation and abuse through various electrical devices. The site’s selection of exclusive fetish videos cannot be found anywhere else, and it is dominated by powerful women giving electrifying pleasure to innocent-looking women. All scenes are preceded by an interview, from slavery to fist-to-fist to strap dominance, allowing viewers to get to know the domes and submissives. On this Kink network site, they offer cutting-edge…

Wired Pussy

Wired Pussy Porn Site Review
7.4 Expert Score
Wired Pussy Review

Wired Pussy is an adult site dedicated to providing its viewers with intense, electrically charged experiences ranging from lesbian dominance and BDSM to hardcore lesbian sex. Watching a production from the Kink Network will demonstrate the superior quality of this kind of content, making it hard for viewers to switch back to any other producer. Not everyone may be interested in this type of content, but those who are curious about femdom, electro-stimulation, and bondage should certainly give it a try! On this porn site, you can find sluts eager to have electrical currents…


Bondagettes Porn Site Review
7.6 Expert Score
Bondagettes Review

If you’re a fan of women who are tied up and gorgeous, hanging from the ceiling, and would like to find an unrestrained BDSM porn website, then Bondagettes is the perfect spot for you. The pornography website displays the fascinating universe of bondage, where the players enthusiastically and willingly try out the boundaries of longing and sensation. The individuals in question find themselves really tied, sometimes in seemingly inconceivable postures, leaving them unable to move their body. The experience then moves over into fetish and domination. These ‘daring’…

$19.99 $29.99 VISIT PORN SITE


Hogtied Porn Site Review
8.6 Expert Score
Hogtied Review

If you are looking for a place where girls are restrained, trained, and punished with rope bondage, Hogtied is the best platform for you. The idea of fetish porn might be confusing if you are entirely new to it. But none of these models are harmed during the actions, and you can see them wanting more of this bondage porn. I have not seen any adult site doing extreme rope bondage porn like Hogtied. It is not just single-niche BDSM porn that they produce; the site has a varied niche that is capable of entertaining you in different ways. Claire Adams is the devil behind these scenes, and she …


Mr. Porn Pick Kink Porn Site Review
9.3 Expert Score
Kink Review

Your BDSM lifestyle only gets better when you tie the knot with Kink Porn Network, which boasts of 27+ original sites among other numerous bonus channels. For your fetish-themed videos and bondage porn, there is no other authentic bondage and real BDSM porn site like the Kink that lets you explore your darkest fantasies. I have been wondering what adult entertainment would be like without some studios exploring the dark side of it. For more than two decades, this site has been ascending the great hill of bondage content, and now they keep on striving hard to reach the peak. Kink features…

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