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Submissed Porn Site Review
8.6 Expert Score
Submissed Review

If you’re into BDSM porn, you should know what Submissed is all about. The only issue is that you may not know that the porn site is actually a network site, such as Adult Prime. With seven different porn sites all related to BDSM, you’ll surely find something that suits your interests. The sites are Machine Dom, Sub Amateur, Bound Men Wanked, Hogtied Up, Ball Gagger, Pegging 4K, and Struggling Babes. You’ll see Doms controlling their women. Sometimes, too, it’s the women who control the men (their slaves). I like the fact that scenes are shot in different…

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Distorded Porn Site Review
8.4 Expert Score
Distorded Review

Distorted is an Adult Prime channel that exclusively focuses on BDSM porn. As the site’s name implies, the sex here is very rough, with the girls getting their pussies and anals torn. For me, that’s the kind of sex I like, and this site just knows how to go about it. On this porn site, you’ll find many boy-to-girl fetish scenes, like hardcore scenes and foot-focused fetishes. This means that the site has quite a large category of porn for you to choose from. The male and female sessions show us a display of extreme pussyfoot and ass banging, deep throat, boob jobs,…

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Bound Gangbangs

Bound Gangbangs Porn Site Review
7.2 Expert Score
Bound Gangbangs Review

Created by the experienced professionals at, Bound Gangbangs is an adult site known for its knack for exploring wild kink porn. This new site takes viewers on a journey to see how many men enjoy pounding beautiful women, sometimes against the will of the latter. The scenes are full of rough and scary choking and spanking experiences that take group sex to a new level. To keep the content balanced, the site includes interviews before and after each scene. The interviews help us know what those alluring models enjoy or what they look out for in their experiences. Bound…

Bubblegum Dungeon

Bubblegum Dungeon Porn Site Review
6.4 Expert Score
Bubblegum Dungeon Review

Bubblegum Dungeon is a great site for public folks who love BDSM, but with a colorful twist. From the name “Bubblegum,” you just expect the site to offer some sort of sweetness, which it does. This sweetness comes in the form of colors. Bubblegum Dungeon is a bondage site that stands out literally because it is so colorful and cute. The site offers everything a basic BDSM site would, but it is full of bright colors and even brighter girls. The models in Bubblegum Dungeon are gorgeous and happy, and they take their punishment (pleasure) with ease. The site is colorful…

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Device Bondage

Device Bondage Porn Site Review
8.3 Expert Score
Device Bondage Review

Device Bondage is a highly popular website among those who have an interest in BDSM. It was established in 2007 and has since built up one of the biggest archives of videos and images around, gaining popularity in the BDSM community. Every video produced on this adult entertainment site is made with care, considering informed consent by the performers, pre- and post-session interviews with directors, as well as any other related aspects of BDSM. This porn site offers intense bondage content, with numerous different kinds of restraints and fuck/sex machines featured …


Bondaries Porn Site Review
7.2 Expert Score
Bondaries Review

If you have wanted to see a slave fucking his or her master but couldn’t, Bondaries gives you the opportunity to do so. Seeing babes chained by their captors is not just interesting; it also brings sexual satisfaction. To burst your bubble, only a few video scenes feature intense hardcore sex. It doesn’t come as a surprise as the site’s name implies what its contents will be. So the videos on this porn site are largely about teasing, fingering, massaging, sex devices, and strap-ons. There’s glamour and cruelty, tattoos and torture, whatever you’d…

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Bondagettes Porn Site Review
7.6 Expert Score
Bondagettes Review

If you’re a fan of women who are tied up and gorgeous, hanging from the ceiling, and would like to find an unrestrained BDSM porn website, then Bondagettes is the perfect spot for you. The pornography website displays the fascinating universe of bondage, where the players enthusiastically and willingly try out the boundaries of longing and sensation. The individuals in question find themselves really tied, sometimes in seemingly inconceivable postures, leaving them unable to move their body. The experience then moves over into fetish and domination. These ‘daring’…

$19.99 $29.99 VISIT PORN SITE

The Upper Floor

The Upper Floor Porn Site Review
8.3 Expert Score
The Upper Floor Review

Living out a BDSM lifestyle is far-fetched, but The Upper Floor is the closest place to visit if you are bored of the regular XXX reality shows. I must admit the fact that not too many are convenient for watching masochistic sexual acts, but these collections on this site are one of a kind. If you know the erotic novel in the BDSM genre, The Story of O, then you are watching a replica of the story here. This is where you will find submissive slaves that are trained, submitted, whipped, spanked, punished, and intensely fucked in front of a live audience. It is an unusual 24/7 reality…

Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace Porn Site Review
7.8 Expert Score
Public Disgrace Review

Everyone hates Public Disgrace, but what if it takes the form of exposed breasts, public sex, or submissive women being humiliated in front of others? This is what you will find exactly on this premium porn site. These exhibitionist women are taken to the streets of Europe and stripped naked for everyone to see. There masters paraded them naked in front of passers-by and bystanders, where they were randomly fucked by strangers. They are tied to monuments and trees and made into objects of ridicule. While some look on with disgust, voyeurs are well entertained, and they are…

Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines Porn Site Review
8.3 Expert Score
Fucking Machines Review

Madness is real, and if you want to have a taste of it, you should watch these models being fucked relentlessly by giant Fucking Machines. Not everyone enjoys short sex scenes with no orgasm bliss because of the dude who cannot last long in bed. Here you are with custom-made machines with strapped-dildo that will never get tired of fucking. Nothing gets a porn star screaming and having real orgasm than being penetrated by robotic sex machines. This channel explores the dark side of porn under the BDSM porn genre and brings you a kinky collection of these hot babes having a blast…


Hogtied Porn Site Review
8.6 Expert Score
Hogtied Review

If you are looking for a place where girls are restrained, trained, and punished with rope bondage, Hogtied is the best platform for you. The idea of fetish porn might be confusing if you are entirely new to it. But none of these models are harmed during the actions, and you can see them wanting more of this bondage porn. I have not seen any adult site doing extreme rope bondage porn like Hogtied. It is not just single-niche BDSM porn that they produce; the site has a varied niche that is capable of entertaining you in different ways. Claire Adams is the devil behind these scenes, and she …


Mr. Porn Pick Kink Porn Site Review
9.3 Expert Score
Kink Review

Your BDSM lifestyle only gets better when you tie the knot with Kink Porn Network, which boasts of 27+ original sites among other numerous bonus channels. For your fetish-themed videos and bondage porn, there is no other authentic bondage and real BDSM porn site like the Kink that lets you explore your darkest fantasies. I have been wondering what adult entertainment would be like without some studios exploring the dark side of it. For more than two decades, this site has been ascending the great hill of bondage content, and now they keep on striving hard to reach the peak. Kink features…

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