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Cuckold Sessions

Cuckold Sessions Porn Site Review
8.6 Expert Score
Cuckold Sessions Review

If you’re looking for an exciting, thrilling, and special mix of feminism and interracial porn, then you should look no further than Cuckold Sessions. Brought to you by the DFXtra network, the porn site focuses on interracial cuckolding scenes. You’ll see huge black cocks, hot white ladies, and humiliated husbands. It’s so much fun to watch a humiliated husband with a tiny cock watch his hot wife get her ass nutted by a healthy, strong black stud. Unfortunately, making love with his wife always doesn’t work out for him. So a man has to look for …

Kick Ass

Kick Ass Porn Site Review
7.7 Expert Score
Kick Ass Review

Kick Ass is an expansive production company with a great selection of DVDs from multiple niches. Most sites I’ve reviewed are channels to an independent network, but this particular site is a network that houses other porn channels. The network provides excellent video value (although not in 4K) and they pride themselves for publishing exclusive contents. The porn network features 17 to 18 individual porn sites that specialize in various porn genres. Some of these categories are porn fantasy, bareback scenes, cuckolding scenes, Latinas, MILFs, as well as other kink…

Cum Eating Cuckolds

Cum Eating Cuckolds Porn Site Review
8.1 Expert Score
Cum Eating Cuckolds Review

Cum Eating Cuckolds presents to you a pornographic collection of hardcore action. The site covers many porn niches and genres very well, and so you’ll be correct if you say that this sub niche of cuckold belongs to the BDSM niche. This porn site is part of the Kick Ass Network, and the site was first launched in August 2008 with the German name “Sperma Essen Cuckolds”. The studio (Kick Ass) focuses on Big Black Cocks, Strap-on Sex, Squirting, Foot Fucking, creampies, Squirting, and Gangbang sessions. The site has a large collection of high-quality…


Cuckoldest Porn Site Review
7.5 Expert Score
Cuckoldest Review

Cuckoldest is that site that proves that getting older does not mean that your sex life has to dwindle off or that you have to become boring. This website features a collection of videos that will definitely make you look forward to getting older. If you have a fear of getting old, the content you will see on Cuckoldest will wash your insecurities away. On this site, you get to see the nastiest, swinging seniors doing all the spicy things that people of this age are naturally not meant to be doing. You mostly see videos featuring an older couple with a younger man or a younger man pounding…

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Be The Cuck

Be The Cuck Porn Site Review
6.5 Expert Score
Be The Cuck Review

Be the Cuck is a growing porn site that has won awards for its porn videos with a cuckold theme. The site, produced by Adult Time, shows couples where the wives have sex with multiple partners while their husbands watch (sometimes in utter embarrassment or with a keen interest). Interestingly, their partners do not seem to be bothered by this circumstance. Some even find joy in their partner’s happiness, while others may feel ashamed of it. The women here may be younger or have impressive bodily endowments to increase the humiliation of the cuckolded husband. From my observation,…

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Hunt 4K

Hunt 4K Porn Site Review
7.8 Expert Score
Hunt 4K Review

Hunt 4K is an amazing adult website with a few of the sexiest Czech women in Prague getting their vaginas slammed by ‘the pussy hunter’ in return for some money. It was established in 2017 with the slogan, ‘Old Hunter’. This porn site is integrated into an extensive network that needs a separate subscription, however it has a good amount of unique and premium-quality videos at an affordable rate. The storylines of these scenes often have a humorous, unpredictable element; you never know how a man will react when his partner is intimately involved with another…

Dogfart Network

Dogfart Network Porn Site Review
9 Expert Score
Dogfart Network Review

Are you an ardent fan of interracial porn? Dogfart Network welcomes you to an unending world of black dudes on white folks! Adult entertainment has massively grown in recent years, and there have been a lot of themes introduced to the industry. Though interracial pornography is not a new innovation, this site brings out the uniqueness of the genre by amassing the biggest collection possible. In its slang meaning, dog fart basically means black and hefty men fucking white babes with tight pussies. This sounded true when I visited the mega platform. I was welcomed with a lot…

Cuck 4K

Cuck 4K Porn Site Review
7.3 Expert Score
Cuck 4K Review

Cuck 4K is one of the most well-liked and successful cuckold porn sites that are online right now. Many wives who are not good in bed learn how to make love to their husbands in order to please them. So, what we see are naughty seductresses who crave special attention in bed, gangbangs, and porn star orgies with a 1960s theme. Those who wish to try cuckolding in reality but are unwilling to risk their relationships or lives by doing something so ridiculous resort to porn as the best way to imitate the scenario. However, cuckolding is the peak of the dynamics. The porn content you see in these…

Touch My Wife

Touch My Wife Porn Site Review
8.1 Expert Score
Touch My Wife Review

If you are the type to yell at dudes, “Don’t fucking Touch My Wife,” it will be an empty word on these porn sites. Love is sweet, but relationships can be complicated sometimes, especially when you have a cheating wife with a banging body. The housewives on these platforms are not afraid of their husbands, as they assume different sex positions to receive another man’s dick. If you are a dude that enjoys cuckolding, you will love the explicitness of these wives as they treat and fuck another man as their husbands watch behind the cameras. It could also…

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21 Sextreme

21 Sextreme Porn Site Review
8.4 Expert Score
21 Sextreme Review

It is called 21 Sextreme because of the extreme sexual activities on the platform. Get ready to see horny pornstars getting kinky in fetish sex and BDSM porn like never before. It is a weird platform where grannies don’t mind anal penetration and teens with tight pussies are praying for double penetration. The old and young hook up to have rough butt sex and fondle with their genitals with sex machines that may be too extreme to watch if this dark side of porn is not for you. Well, there is nothing to run from here because all the actions are performed by professionals who have…

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