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Teenrs Porn Site Review
6.8 Expert Score
Teenrs Review

Teenrs is a porn site that specialises in teen adult porn. The porn site is actually a mix of four different porn sites that also focus on teen porn. Obviously, judging from the site’s name, it isn’t far-fetched to know what the site is all about. Teen porn is one niche that, unfortunately, hasn’t been admired. Its popularity is felt mostly in foot fetish scenes. On this site, scenes are shot outdoors or in massive buildings. There’s just something for everyone, and I was also impressed with the number of genres this site has. There were rim jobs,ass fuck, …

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Submissed Porn Site Review
8.6 Expert Score
Submissed Review

If you’re into BDSM porn, you should know what Submissed is all about. The only issue is that you may not know that the porn site is actually a network site, such as Adult Prime. With seven different porn sites all related to BDSM, you’ll surely find something that suits your interests. The sites are Machine Dom, Sub Amateur, Bound Men Wanked, Hogtied Up, Ball Gagger, Pegging 4K, and Struggling Babes. You’ll see Doms controlling their women. Sometimes, too, it’s the women who control the men (their slaves). I like the fact that scenes are shot in different…

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Divine Bitches

Divine Bitches Porn Site Review
8 Expert Score
Divine Bitches Review

Kink.com’s Divine Bitches is a renowned BDSM experience that offers high-quality female porn content. I noticed that the scenes on this site vary based on the setting, such as dungeons, garages, regular apartments, and playrooms. In every scene, the woman dominates the man. For instance, in one scene, there’s this guy tied to a coffin while Bobbi Star and another “satanic vampire” mistress perform various stimulation methods to force him to cum. I also saw other scenes with the women; the Dom used a whip and staples on one of the male subs. Furthermore,…

Electro Sluts

Electro Sluts Porn Site Review
7.2 Expert Score
Electro Sluts Review

Electro Sluts is part of the Kink.com family of sites that offer BDSM electro scenes, where enslaved female slaves receive electrical stimulation and abuse through various electrical devices. The site’s selection of exclusive fetish videos cannot be found anywhere else, and it is dominated by powerful women giving electrifying pleasure to innocent-looking women. All scenes are preceded by an interview, from slavery to fist-to-fist to strap dominance, allowing viewers to get to know the domes and submissives. On this Kink network site, they offer cutting-edge…

Wired Pussy

Wired Pussy Porn Site Review
7.4 Expert Score
Wired Pussy Review

Wired Pussy is an adult site dedicated to providing its viewers with intense, electrically charged experiences ranging from lesbian dominance and BDSM to hardcore lesbian sex. Watching a production from the Kink Network will demonstrate the superior quality of this kind of content, making it hard for viewers to switch back to any other producer. Not everyone may be interested in this type of content, but those who are curious about femdom, electro-stimulation, and bondage should certainly give it a try! On this porn site, you can find sluts eager to have electrical currents…

Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom Porn Site Review
8.6 Expert Score
Sweet Femdom Review

Not all cuties are kindhearted as Sweet Femdom is about to show you the dark side of these dominating creatures. There has been so much perversion in femdom porn that people don’t want to see it as the most pleasurable sexual act anymore. This premium porn site brings beautiful girls with mean hearts together as they dominate their subs in many kinky scenarios. These dominatrixes take pleasure in humiliating and punishing their playthings in different ways. It could be ball-torture or pegging that leads to the most fetish porn scene you have ever seen. Each of the scenes has …

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Whipped Ass

Whipped Ass Porn Site Review
8 Expert Score
Whipped Ass Review

If you are into bondage sex and lesbian hardcore BDSM, you might need to check out Whipped Ass. Not every mind is dark, but all the directors on the Kink Network have twisted minds that are imprinted on each of the scenes they directed. This site is a premier femdom site among the other similar sites on the internet. If you really want to explore the nasty nature of dominatrixes and how they treat their submissives, you need to check out this collection. It is a place to enjoy sadistic sexual actions that might seem extreme and obscene to you if you are new to them. On Whipped Ass, hot submissives…

Bound Men Wanked

Bound Men Wanked Porn Site Review
7.7 Expert Score
Bound Men Wanked Review

Self-masturbation brings some pleasure, but if you have someone else do it on your behalf, it is next-level ecstasy. This is Bound Men Wanked! No word can easily describe the contortion on the faces of these helpless men as they are trussed up by fearless Dommes to milk out their jizz in an unpleasant posture. This is another level in the femdom niches, and the mind behind these productions is sure to be kinky and know what the viewers want. How well will you feel if you have someone restrain your orgasm and let it build up until you completely explode? You will probably have 20-plus…

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