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Oldie X

Oldie X Porn Site Review
8.8 Expert Score
Oldie X Review

Oldie X is a premium pay site that presents the insatiable eagerness of grannies to have dick and pussies. Remember when you were still a young toddler and grandma called you to scratch her back? That’s just one of the methods the naughty old Pa’s and Ma’s use, and I really commend them for providing a good dose of granny porn. We usually get a wealth of wisdom whenever we stay with our grandparents. But the grannies on this site have nothing else to offer than sex, more sex, and cum shots. The site is not really a site per se, as it’s a network under the Adult Prime…

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Granddadz Porn Site Review
7.6 Expert Score
Granddadz Review

Grandadz is an adult entertainment site that gives old men the opportunity to have fun experiences with young, beautiful girls, just like its former name, “Beauty and the Senior”. The Adult Prime site looks to connect grandfathers with teenage girls in Europe. The site presents this ‘age interaction sex’ in high-quality 4K resolution. You’ll see grandpas, in the company of young beauties, exchanging passionate words in various porn scenes. For me, I believe that ageing can be rewarding if you are one of the lucky old men who can have sexual…

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Dirty Gunther

Dirty Gunther Porn Site Review
7.2 Expert Score
Dirty Gunther Review

Dirty Gunther is an Adult Prime porn site where old men with extensive sex experience get to fuck male and female porn stars. This means that the contents of this site are both biassed and straight. Here, you will find Gunther having very nice sexual experiences with attractive boys. You’ll also get to see everything from amateur porn to professionally produced porn, including infamous orgies with all kinds of people, including attractive young women who enjoy risky behavior. The grandpas on this site like to get to know the women; they’ll fuck up close, and …

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Not My Grandpa

Not My Grandpa Porn Site Review
7.5 Expert Score
Not My Grandpa review:

These gramps are perverts! Their attitude only reveals the perverseness that has been locked up in them since their youthful days. Now that they are old, they want to fuck every teenage girl they see around. They don’t even care about the relationship that existed between them. Whether it is a stepdaughter, a daughter’s friend or whoever, they are on a fucking rampage. The teen always says “Not My Grandpa” because they secretly enjoy how they plow them bareback and fill their holes with jizz. They may be old, but their libido is still strong enough…

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