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Manko 88

Manko 88 Porn Site Review
8 Expert Score
Manko 88 Review

If you want uncensored Japanese porn, Manko 88 is one of the best porn sites to drag your lazy eyes to. Usually, Japanese porn is censored, just like you’ll find on other JAV porn sites out there. That’s because in Japan, the government doesn’t tolerate or allow the display of uncensored female and male genitals. The reason could be that it is against their public policy. So that’s why you find most Japanese porn pixelated, although obviously that’s not the case here. I am not Japanese, so I had to check on the meaning of Manko, only to find out that it…

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JAV Hub Porn Site Review
8.5 Expert Score
JAV Hub Review

If you’re looking for Japanese porn sites without pixelated or uncensored videos or scenes, JAV Hub should be your first stop. The porn site isn’t just one of the best places to watch uncensored Japanese adult videos; you can also watch lots of hardcore scenes. It looks like the name ‘JAV’ is common to Japanese videos, as I’ve also reviewed a site that looks like this: JAV 888. You may know now that JAV means Japanese Adult Video, and you’ll find this abbreviation on other websites. It’s unfortunate that those other sites often cut out…

JAV 888

JAV 888 Porn Site Review
8.3 Expert Score
JAV 888 Review

JAV 888 is a new uncensored Japanese porn pay site. The site presents to you Japanese sluts who love to perform asexual styles just to please the master. When I first saw this site’s name, I thought it was a passcode. Well, who knows? Japan has good and sophisticated computerized gadgets. It was later that I found out that the JAV in the title stands for Japanese Adult Video(s). I don’t know why there’s ‘888’, but I think it symbolizes XXX. Well, the porn site is surely a great way to get a taste of the sexiness of Japanese porn stars. There are many scenes…

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